Suggestions to do before HLR begins work on your deck
Jul 17, 2021 - Posted by: Barb Schwane
Now that our deck work is completed, we have a few suggestions that might help keep your deck a bit cleaner. We wish we would have covered the glass window panels with plastic. Don’t cover the entire framed wood area as they caulk around the frame. We also should have covered our stamped concrete. We are having a very difficult time getting the paint/stucco off of the concrete. We have been told that our stamped concrete was covered before the work was started. Not sure what it was covered with, but it didn’t do the trick! Tim and I have tried various things to clean the concrete. When we find something that works, we will post it on here in order to help others who may have this same problem. We are also asking Professional Services and HLR to help us get the concrete cleaned. We will see what happens.
Unit 2Q. Tim and Barb Schwane

Table and 6 chairs
Jul 09, 2021 - Posted by: David Jans
Wooden Table with 2 captains chairs and 4 side chairs for free at Condo 3H

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